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January 26th 1945

I don’t get up again due to the weather – fog and snow. V1s rush overhead all day today and yesterday and we hear the guns opening up on them in the I.A. zone. Yesterday afternoon, led by the Group … Continue reading

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January 24th 1945

I fly again, a sort of test, with F/L Clifton-Mogg, but he goes round and round in circles and I cannot really cope. Then an airtest and today I go out with F/L Bob Mackelwain over Area 1 – Dordrecht, … Continue reading

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January 23rd 1945

I fly out in an Anson with Blain, Malcolmson, Raynor and George to 2 squadron, and arrive to find Bert Mann still there. There is a continual clamp of snow and fog on, and I get as far as taxiing … Continue reading

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January 17th 1945

I get in about three hours in a Spit XIV and then set off to ferry one to 2 squadron at B77 (JDW: at Gilze-Rijen in the Netherlands). I come down at B67 – Ursel near Ghent – due to … Continue reading

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January 3rd 1945

My last day in St Ives I get a bit whistled before lunch in the Sloop, and meet Marnie Lowrey on a 48 (JDW: 48h leave), a V.A.D. from Plymouth. Ma and I have dinner with the Lowrey’s and then … Continue reading

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December 28th 1944

One or two parties. Christmas dinner with the Langdale-Jones in the “High and Dry” Hotel, followed by a pontoon and whisky party in Bobby Brain’s flat run by Vera Clayton. I cook the scores afterwards and escape paying up about … Continue reading

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December 23rd 1944

I arrive in St Ives a bit late owing to fog, and share a room in Curnow’s (Curnow’s Café) with Allan, the gay commando. (JDW: what does my father mean?) Last night I am made to play bridge until 12.45 … Continue reading

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