July 12th 1944

I collect young “Tuppence” and we walk to the “Stormy Petrel” and drink beer until we are asked to leave. I walk her home and put in a bit of fancy work in the garage, but nothing to cause any alarm. Yesterday I go down to see Elaine in the “Corbett Arms” and we go back to the “Lamb” and I have to leave at 12.15 with Steve and Teagarden in their truck as I can stand it no longer. I do some sodium flying (?) and am now in the night flying flight, and kick off this evening with “beacon bashing” dual at 3.15am, so what the hell I do until then I do not know.


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July 11th 1944

I go in to see Elaine occasionally but no more home bases due to aircraft being U/S. I go down and look at the cottage at Bridgenorth, and not many chickens about. Also a few cross countries, fairly successful ones too. Yesterday I go to a dance with Mrs King-Hay who puts up 10/- for my admittance. Free beer until it runs out, but not much else there bar a lot of American officers. I get a bit disgruntled and dance with some dame who I cannot see home, as I have to go back to the King-Hays for beer and retrieve my bicycle. Today I was going to see the Penfold dame at 8pm but it was raining hard and so that will be off too.


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July 3rd 1944

I am invited to stay the night at “The Lamb” on Friday, my day off being on Saturday, and go down there and do some beer drinking. Thursday I take Elaine to the Parish Hall dance and keep losing her in the general “excuse me’s” when all sorts of women come and tap her off; she kisses me goodnight quite well, too. At about 2.30am we go upstairs and I am shown the spare bedroom and eventually score a home base, though only just as Nancy comes down from upstairs looking for Elaine and there is nearly trouble.

Next day, after breakfast at 12 and lunch at 4pm we go for a walk and then I cycle home. Later to a dance at Buntingsdale, HQ 25 and 22 Groups, where I never saw so much whiskey before in England. I set to work on one “Penny” Penfold, a WAAF officer, and she comes over yesterday with Lady Chetwynd, who had invited me, to a hop here. I do seem to get much flying here, or much sleep for that matter, and Scott tells me the next course at Hawarden starts in three weeks time. A letter from Mrs Jacobs.

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June 28th 1944

I go in on Monday and see Elaine and we sit in the bar and drink mixed Guinness and Brown Ale until bacon and eggs arrives about 11.30pm. We have quite a session but no score again – though we have the joint to ourselves, Nancy being in bed suffering from “bad beer”.

This (flying) programme is a bit of a bind, as it means up at 7am every day and we don’t always finish until 17.45. The other day I sit in the flight office from 1-5pm waiting for a flight, and doing nothing.

Yesterday I go to play tennis at the King-Hay’s but am given a good supper and so cannot play very well after it. A cheque for £3-3 from Aunt Vivy.

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June 26th 1944

I cut Roberts out and he gets annoyed and hasn’t been in again since. Sunday I have lunch with them at the Lamb (“baa”) and then go on to Mrs George Atkinson’s, a friend of Sue Fraser’s in St Ives, for tennis which I am made to play until 20.30 – some gin and supper and return to bed.

Saturday I do a trip to Wrexham and Newport without getting lost, so am improving.

I go down to see Elaine but she is serving behind the bar until 10pm so I don’t see much of her, though we go into the ‘parlour’ afterwards with some naval ratings and two Yanks who call each other “Slug” and “Teagarden” respectively. She gives me a demure sort of kiss when I leave. Scott, the Wing Adjutant here, reckons I shall have to go onto twins with my eyesight, so I shall have to start all over again, which is a bind.


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June 23rd 1944

I take to the air again in a Master and go solo today, though I nearly bounce the a/c off doing a glide approach at 95, as they come down quite steep. Hugh Roberts and I go to town and are admitted to the “Lamb” by Nancy Cork, the landlady, although it is shut. Two other women, two sailors and a Yank sergeant come in and we all play darts and drink Scotch, being turned out about 11pm. Hugh and I are then asked to come back, when the others have left, as Nancy (a 12 stoner!) has her sister Elaine there with a sudden passion for Hughie. We go back and they are very drunk, but give us drinks and eventually bacon and eggs as well. Elaine wants to retire with Hugh but Nancy will not let her, and both being drunk, there is quite some argument. Eventually Elaine goes away and we are put out too, but Pete and I go down and drink with her last night instead of Roberts, who was supposed to meet her at 8pm in the Corbett Arms.

We are going tonight and he is coming too, so I suppose I have had it again, as she is the nicest looking girl I have seen around here yet!

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June 22nd 1944

Pete and I and two others go to town on Sunday. Then back to the Mess where there is a dance, just like India with some half dozen women. I set to with a Wren officer. On Saturday I meet an a girl in the Corbett Arms who seems to falls in love with me and walks half the way home. She is a WAAF clerk in mufti and about 2 foot 6 inches high – God!

Yesterday we visit the “Stormy Petrel” and the “Castle” just nearby and I get to bed by 10.45pm. A letter from Mhairi, crossing one sarcastic one of mine in which I asked her if she was dead!  – taken about a week to be redirected from Hawarden.

I manage to get my hands on a bicycle by saying that I’m an instructor, but it will go soon I suppose.

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