August 26th 1945

I get a new officer, one F/O Colyer-Commerford, who seems a bit odd. I take him out to Meerut and he gets tight and is found running round in circles in the garden shouting “Dunford Wood”. I stuff him in the back of someone’s car and have them drop him at the Terminus (Hotel). I meet an American-Dutch blonde out there called Louise Carriere, but she is heavily escorted by a Dutch airforce type and we are not allowed to communicate much.

The other day I meet some F/L in the Club and take him and his sister, who turns out to be the notorious Helen, to Warmond. I dance around this Helen dame, who is exceedingly “hot”, and even set her hair on fire at the bar whilst lighting someone’s cigarette – but she is Henry Druce’s woman, so the hell with her. I am now at a loose end, as the glorious Tilly has departed to Amsterdam, and I reckon I have had her. I go and play tennis with people called Smalt at Wassenaar, who are damned good.

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August 23rd 1945

I go to a shocking party in Amsterdam with one Van Lighter. Two ENSA girls are supposed to be there, coming from Apeldoorn, but they do not turn up until midnight, during which time we have had nothing to drink since 9pm – I leave, very bored, and get home to bed at 4am, having great difficulty in finding my way out of Amsterdam and also in keeping my eyes open during the drive back.

I play tennis yesterday out at Wasenaar and later go by myself to ? for a drink, but get involved in no party and am very pleased to get to bed.

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August 21st 1945

I go round next day and discover that Lily was at her mother’s next door, but is not allowed out, as she must look after her child, her mother having gone on strike over it.

The Jap war finished a few days ago and Basil Langton-Dodds invited George and I to party in Varmont. George is too tired so I take Henri and Freddie in his place and some beautiful blonde they collect called Katie, with not much english and an angora doublet which moults, and which we sort of pluck whilst dancing and stick to people on the dancefloor. I have to take them home in the jeep with no headlights and they insist on going to some place in Wassenaar which we cannot find – and eventually I get to bed about 3.30am.

Yesterday I have a good game of squash and feel the better for it, though it is damned difficult to find any players. Henri works in a jewellers and I get a silver mounted cigarette holder on condition that I can get the jeweller a pipe – I hope from Brussels.

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August 20th 1945

I get messages from Bill that he is calling on his way from Kiel to Wimbledon, and he calls up from Apeldoorn but never arrives. Henri organises a party in Amsterdam on Saturday. We all collect at Ellen’s and hang around, and finally set off, arriving at someone’s flat about 10pm. I take one (one-eyed) “Chick” Rideal (S/L Eric Rideal), in the RAF Missing Research Enquiry Service, and we finally get back about 3.30am. I meet some girl Henri brought – one Lily Otto – and stick to her the whole evening, and sort of stroke her in the transport on the way home. Two nights before, Joe Colledge and I have a few drinks in the Country Club and I get legless by the the time I get home to bed at 10.30pm!

Someone brings us over three squash racquets and a ball and George and I play last night, but he is not much good. If I can only find someone to play with. We later take Molly Cuypers to a beano at 12 L of C (?) “A” Mess where I do quite a line with another Tilly Van Dyke. There are too many parties here. Tonight I have supper with Bart and Betty and then hope to go and see the beautiful Lily, but I expect she will be already organised, or at any rate some’at is bound to go wrong.

Later: I go round to dinner at 7b Hertog Straat and have soup, spaghetti with chillies and a glass of cognac. Then I sneak along to see Lily at 8 and find her out – I go to the Club, furious, and have two brandies, and then jeep round again at 9 to find her still out – am I mad – I have had it again no doubt.

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August 6th 1945

Saturday night I have Freddie and Hans van Berger to a few drinks in the Club and then we go round to Ellen’s place, collect her and go out to Meerunt (?). I meet alot of people who I know, including Gerard Dogger (JDW: Dutch resistance fighter), and manage to get the lot away at about 12.30 having a fearfully dangerous jeep race with Henry Druce’s crowd on the autobahn on the way home. I then drop the van Bergers and take Ellen home. She has told me all through the evening at various times that she has sent her mother away for three days and that I can come and stay the night. She gets busy too in the jeep, whilst both my hands are tied to the steering wheel (making my race with Druce doubly dangerous), so we go upstairs and get busy on the sofa and eventually score a home base. She isn’t too pleased afterwards, so I step out hurriedly and must now, I suppose, take her out again. I call her ‘Popeye’ as she has a shocking American gangster accent.

Yesterday I take Will Wolders out sailing on the Kaag and we later have dinner in the Club. I see Ellen out of a window whilst I am changing, but fortunately she doesn’t appear to have seen me. We then go to Till von somebody’s birthday party. She is Henry’s girlfriend and Will and I have quite a good time. Under the influence of cognac and sugar she becomes quite cheerful and much less shy and of the nice girl type.

This is a shocking existence. A party of sorts every night and no exercise, except wlaking around the town if George has the jeep – he did discover a squash court but I cannot get a game there. I haven’t even time to read, except in the office and then there is usually something going on there. Will gives me a Dutch lesson yesterday on the boat, so I hope to master the pronunciation soon.

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August 4th 1945

I am sailing in Kaag with Ellen and then have dinner at the Country Club at Varmont. I then get busy on her on a sort of swinging seat, but nothing doing that day. I also have a few parties with Charlie Colledge and the two ENSA girls in the Hague and Rotterdam, and I take them all sailing yesterday afternoon. The one I have is blonde and very bored and called Norma. Yesterday George and I have dinner with Lt Commander Elliston at the naval Mess, and get to bed early and not too full of liquor for a change.

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July 31st 1945

I go down to see Monica, with a pair of silk stockings, and find that she is engaged and going to be married for the third time. I am furious so I don’t mention the stockings, and retire to bed about 9.30pm, having to arrive at 0530 to catch the a/c back. London is strange at 6am with a few people about who have obviously been up all night. At Croydon, Paddy Hynes and I steal into the Mess and have a surreptitious breakfast, and then off we go. It gets damn cold due to the air regulator being cold. I ring up Ellen when I get back and take her out to dinner in the Officers Club – she gets quite warm, and kisses me goodnight quite well – Hell.

Yesterday I take a melon round to Hans and Freddie and the shoes that I got him in London and then we later adjourn to Ellen’s but I get damned bored and leave at 10.30pm. Today is raining and I don’t know what to do!

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