October 12th 1944

I am now more or less on the spot. Having found that there is nothing doing with Barbara, I can’t very well give up going there and start off from scratch again in Chester. It would be nice to organise something out here, but as we shall be leaving shortly for Hawarden that seems improbable, so in the expressive words of the RAF, “I have had it”.

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October 11th 1944

I hear from Bill, back home again. Reg and I go and have a few drinks at the Trevor Arms, very nice, nearby. No flying for some days due to bad visibility and fog. I go in and take B. shopping yesterday afternoon and then we go in the car into Wales and have tea at the Queen Hotel, whilst her father goes on for a consultation. Damn cold on the way home, and Mrs Paul produces whisky macs, and I swallow three and then take B. to dinner at the Grosvenor. We get a bit “warm”, what with fun and games under the rug in the back of the car, and one thing and another, and I don’t want to cycle home at all.

£1 less pay this month for some reason – must be more income tax.

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October 6th 1944

I see much more of young Barbara (24), and am glad to say I don’t think I am in love, after all, (JDW: make up your mind!), and so hope I shall not make a fool of myself in any way before it’s all over. At present I go in a few times a week, cinema or dancing or just to dinner, and get excellent food and beer in a most comfortable house, and a charming girl to play with (and that’s about all.)

Harris and I go to the Isle of Man at zero feet and fail to find it, ending up over Holyhead on the homeward leg. I have the afternoon off and tomorrow, but am Orderly Officer of all things. I go for a walk in the fields behind, endeavouring to identify what birdlife there is, which is not much.

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October 2nd 1944

I see quite a lot of B. and tell her my views on Saturday night after a dance at “Quaintways”. I am told that I am only infatuated because I have not met many women, and on maturer thought maybe this is true. I spend Saturday night and return Sunday morning for the washing. (JDW:??) In the afternoon we go for a walk in the grounds of Eaton Hall. The brother Michael and his wife Patricia arrive to stay.

I do a lot of flying and get annoyed at Bagley (an Old Harrovian), the G111 air liaison officer – do some TAC/Rs and photography and am lacking exercise.

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September 26th 1944

I go into town and take Barbara to “Quaintways”. We get some beer in from the pub across the road having had dinner first at her house. I spend the night there and B. gets quite affectionate curled up in a chair with me. In the morning I take her to her office and then meet Ma at the Grosvenor – she tries on a hat in a shop and I get hysterics for some reason or other, to the amusement of the (shop) madams.

I get back to Hawarden for lunch and have now moved over to Poulton for phase two. It seems to me that I have fallen in love (JDW: finally!), for the first time to the best of my knowledge, and am due for an awful shock and much pain when I leave her with my proposals unrequited, or when something occurs that breaks up my whole house of cards. “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” In the near future I will be able to comment on the truth of this question – until then “roll on Friday”, and I must remember to keep my mind on business when I am flying!

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September 25th 1944

At El Dobbie’s (Elsie Dobbie’s) there is quite a nice looking girl, one Barbara Paul, and I ring up Andy later and find out where she lives and take her out to “Quaintways” dancing on Saturday night. Despite a third of a bottle of Canadian Club I don’t do very well, and the vibrations seem a bit out of tune. I spend the night on a camp bed at the McCoy’s, and having the weekend of in between phases of the course, have lunch and tea at Paul’s, which is just next door to the McCoy’s. In between Barbara and I walk to the zoo and back and the air gets a little more clear.

I have a gloomy supper or two with Ma in her digs, and today I go and buy pyjamas and visit the Cathedral with her.

Henry Larsen is back here from France for a week before returning to India. He did an Op or two with Burt in 268 Squadron. I do a low level cross-country to Great Malvern and back, and some cloud flying, without upsetting myself – so am improving.

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September 23rd 1944

I go into town again last night and take Sergeant Joan out to a few pubs. We are thrown out somewhere at 10pm and she takes me to some dark corner of Chester under a tree and we sit on a raincoat and she kisses me – or I suppose I initiate it. Then a policeman turns us out at 10.40pm or so and we go and sit on some dark steps and carry on. This is too much for me and I try baseball but she won’t play. Eventually, all my own work and no help from her, I score a home base, and cycle home getting to bed at 00.10. I was to take a friend and meet her friend tonight but no one would come, so I ring up and leave a message cancelling it.

Today we go and see tanks and guns at Rhyll, damn boring. No flying due to “clamp” (JDW: ??) and if it keeps up it means no 48  this weekend (JDW: 48 hours leave?) – though what matter, as where the hell have I to go?

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