January 2nd 1939 – Razani – 1st Leicestershire Regiment

We march down to Razani today, 12 miles, we head the column which includes some other units, including the 2/4 G.R. We have 2 piquets to put out, below the Nazri on the left. A snow storm comes on and chaps put on their jerkins, but I have not brought mine. I am wearing full pack and haversack and it strains the shoulders.

At Greenwood’s Corner the Bn takes a short cut down the Kud, which is tricky going for the mules. At the bottom of the road there’s an icy surface and one mule is down and unable to get up, the others queing up behind. We pass on and eventually reach Hazani. There’s a full stand-to until the C.O. comes round and everything is settled. Razani is a Bn camp with a stone perimeter and 6 number piquets on the surrounding hills and 1 gari piquet up near Melozai. Wana huts are the quarters and most are dug down, some especially for officers, to head level. This is for protection against snipers.

The 3/14 Punjabis have very kindly moved out into the Bde camp, ordinarily holes and mule lines, which is now full up including the 2/4 G.R. The 3/14 and 2/4 are going on to Dandil on the 3rd to take part in a Khasora column. We have to put up another tent as an anteroom – there’s not enough room in the mess for 15 officers, as well as feed. It’s alright for an Indian unit of 6 or 7 BOs.

Gunga Din uppacks. I have a camp bed, lilo, and 4 blankets. I forgot a pillow so use a pair of greyers. The bed is near the door, and I freeze all night.

Razani Camp from Picquet 4

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