Waziristan Campaign Order of Battle

The following regiments and detachments were based in Waziristan during 1939:

Waziristan District: HQ Dera Ismail Khan, Razmak
Detachment, 2/11th Sikh Regiment: Mari, Indus
Waziristan District Signals

Razmak Brigade: HQ Razmak
11th Light Tank Company, The Royal Tank Regiment
B Squadron, The Scinde Horse
1st Leicestershire Regiment
2/7th Rajput Regiment
3/10th Baluch Regiment
5/11th Sikh Regiment
2/1st Gurkha Rifles
1/8th Gurkha Rifles
25th Mountain Regiment, IA (5th, 13th, 15th, 19th Batteries)
(1 Battery at Wana)
(Frontier Posts, IA attached at Wana and Mir Ali)
10th Field Company, Madras Sappers and Miners
Brigade Signal Section

Bannu Brigade: HQ Bannu
Skinner’s Horse
1 Troop, A Squadron, The Scinde Horse
C Squadron, The Scinde Horse
5/1st Punjab Regiment
1/12th Frontier Force Regiment
1/14th Punjab Regiment
Brigade Signal Section
Base Engineer Park
The Tochi Scouts: Miranshah
2/12th Frontier Force Regiment: Mir Ali
1/4th Gurkha Rifles: Damdil

Wana Brigade: HQ Wana
A Squadron, The Scinde Horse: Manzai
1 Troop, A Squadron, The Scinde Horse: Wana
2/2nd Punjab Regiment: Manzai
3/8th Punjab Regiment
1/18th Royal Garhwal Rifles
2/3rd Gurkha Rifles
2/8th Gurkha Rifles
3rd Field Company, Bengal Sappers and Miners
19th Field Company, Bombay Sappers and Miners
9th Field Company, Madras Sappers and Minders
Detachment, Waziristan District Signals
The South Waziristan Scouts: Jandola

Thanks to the Patriot Files


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