February 16th 1939 – Razmak

About 14 inches of snow. They say that that gun was tried out on Datta Khel again, a few days ago, and blew up, taking three dushmen with it.

Had a talk with Major Allan. Razcol last year had 32 killed and 97 wounded, on what were ‘Peace’ columns. The Green Howards were asked why they used field dressings on peace columns. They replied that they had some casualties and were then, so he says, asked to state their authority for having casualties on peace columns!

The new well behind Somme lines was found by an RIASC officer, a water diviner. He used a twig, or a piece of wire. Major Allan was shown how to use it, and got a distinct tremor over a small burn. He came up with the original occupatory troops in 1923, and was horrified at my description of the troops getting browned off, saying it was the old, old story, and we should buy it sooner or later.

Lord Chatfield was shown some mountain howitzers at Dandil, and asked how they were transported. When told on a mule, he exclaimed “But you can’t get that on a mule!” He never realised that they were taken to pieces! After all his service, even though a naval officer.

I am due for discharge tomorrow, being the twentieth day of incarceration.


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