February 19th 1939 – Razmak

I see the back intelligence reports today. Datta Khel seems to have been beseiged for about a week. The gun that blew up was a 2.75″ of local make, firing explosive shells. Mirali also seems to have been sniped pretty frequently, and all that upper Tochi area seems to be in a turmoil. Ipi is trying to get help from both sides of the border, and is receiving cash from the sale of animal skins, slaughtered in Id day. All the recent sniping of Razmak and RP troops withdrawing is put down to the dismissed Tori Khel Khassadars. I think they were dismissed because their section of the Tori Khel failed to turn in the local outlaws which they were harbouring.

I play squash with Major James, then we go down to say goodbye to the 6/13. Brain is there and a lot of the 5/11. The proofs of my photographs are not very good, so I will go down tomorrow and get them done again.


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