February 28th 1939 – Razmak

Still snowing. Razani postponed until Friday for some reason. I pay Attam Khan today, and when it is all settled he takes a look at it and asks what he is going to get next month. I tell him the same, and then he breaks out about the Major sahib giving him 35/- and 10/-  for contract. I say all very well but I’m not a Major sahib yet, nor drawing a Major sahibs pay, but when I get I.A. I will give him a rise. He has to be content with that.

I took a walk around the wall yesterday, at least I waded round and at the 2/1 G. lines I came upon a snow fight. I potted Seaward, was ambushed, and then joined in. The enemy were Sikh gunners living opposite. I broke one window and tried to hit some spectators at open windows but no good. I received one right down the throat, almost choking over it.

It’s a queer site to look along one of the roads with an exit gate at its end, especially if slightly uphill. The white nothingness at the end gives the impression of it being a sort of pier head. Reminiscent of Tiree. I see in the intelligence of India that all PMs in the 4/2 have been discharged, as their services could no longer be relied upon. The P.M. quarter guard did nothing about the incident, and it was a P.M. who shot up the BOs. I R.U.R. (Royal Ulster Regiment) wounded the other day in Khaisora.


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