March 22nd 1939 – Razani

The 3/17 C.O. was stabbed in the arm and Simon was wounded by a bullet. Those were the two British officers wounded.

Gasht to Upper Tambre Obo yesterday, by lorry and back. Had a long talk with my Khassadar, one Halim Khan. He says there will be a war round here in the warm weather, nd mentioned a Holy War led by the Tori Khel. He has met Ipi and says he is a young man with not much beard, who sits in one place all the time and dictates orders to others to do the work. His rifle cost him Rs 100/- and he showed me a bullet wound between his toes which he got whilst defending a lorry attacked by Dushmen in the nullah here. He was a sentry there and claims to have hit two dushmen. They gave us tea on 72 and I fox a few khassadars with the three card trick.

Talking of cards, one night in Razmak the C.O. was playing Bridge and called “Two spades”. The bearer who had brought in the drinks said “bahnt achcha” and left, to return with a toothpick. Now every bearer gets a toothpick on the command “Two spades”.


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