March 27th 1939 – Razani

Did a gasht down to Lower Tambre Obo in lorries. Nothing of note though I fell down the steep Khaisora and skinned my arm. Next day a long gasht up to 78 and 80. There I met the major (Moriarty) in command of the company of Baluchis in Alexandria picquet. He had not seen anybody for a week, and invited me up for a beer, but there wasn’t time.

Some gunners and RIASC came up with severl hundred mules, spending the night here on the way. They are with 2 Brigade in the Shaktu. The dushmen in caves apparently dug in under an overhang, and so could not be got at. Beale the 3/17 adjutant crawled along the overhang and peered over, hoping to shoot someone with his revolver. But there were a few more enemy were up the nullah, a little further on, and they shot him in the head. The P.A. eventually induced the 12 or so remaining to come out of their cave, saying their lives would be spared. They did, but suddenly one of them stabbed the C.O. in the arm. The Dogras then went in with the bayonet, and massacred the lot.

The R.U.R. (Royal Ulster Regiment) take over from us on 30th when we march back to Razmak. They and 2/1 G.R. have to sit in the old camp for the night, which will be bloody awful as it has rained on and off now for three days.  The section commander of the R.U.R. (Royal Ulster Regiment) who got the bullet in the neck has just got the M.M. I relieve Ghari picquet today, and the tents up there are pretty flooded.


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