April 13th 1939 – Razani

A lot of the staff college up here on a tour. Willie Armstrong and Abbott of 2/13, and Maloney of 1/12 were amongst them. Nelson on 1/8 G.R. here, also Seaward 2/1 G.R. and Harvey-Kelly 3/10. Beale, Bellamy and one or two others from Harvey-Kelly’s school have been killed in recent years, so we wonder how long he will last. Armstrong says he will see what he can do for me. A gurkha in Bakkohi picquet got cut with stone chips, disturbed by a bullet which came in their loophole from behind him. They were standing to, to help in R.P. troops.

Alot of shooting yesterday morning – at a couple of picquets or so down the road. Earlier than usual on an R.P. day. Much rain just recently. Brigade commander’s inspection today and I handle a sword the first time for nine months. I have had some of Tundan’s and Aurora’s photographs enlarged to hang on the wall as pictures and they are not bad at all.

I hear the Staff College contingent got sniped at Dosalli where they stopped for a demonstration. Willie Armstrong has the lowdown on the Chatfield report. It won’t be published, the report that is, only the results thereof. All Battalions will gradually be mechanised, except when up on the Frontier, and 16 batallions, including four gurkhas, will be given to the War Office. If they don’t want them they will be disbanded. Much more likely they will send them to Singapore or Kong Kong to relieve regular British Battalions.


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