April 21st 1939 – Razani

Went to the Dun today, out and home by lorry so it wasn’t much of a strain. No shooting, but a few shots let off at Toady withdrawing (1/8 GR) – a gang of about 30 is reported to be lurking round “RZK area”. An R.U.R. (Royal Ulster Regiment) shot in the stomach in Ghari Piquet the other day. He was killed and another got three in the left arm and one in the right. Seems a bit odd to be shot in the stomach behind a breastwork.

I dined with Donald Gordon 2/7 the other night and took as much as I could hold. I was doing alright until “one for the road” was insisted on, and as I sank that I could just feel that one more would kill me. The night air wasn’t too bracing either, but I made it back safely. we could see Tambre Obo Upper from Dun, which I hadn’t noticed last time I was up there.


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