May 20th 1939 – Razani

Up a ridge between Das and Dun again two days ago. Bde scheme for this mountain warfare course. We found a ‘snipers lair’ up there. Some rock on the knife edge has been slightly built up to form a sanger covering Dun and the getaway, via Dun picquet. Behind was a tree to give shadow cover, with a few extra branches to help.

I am not on this column on Monday to the Narai. Only 15 officers go, by Bde order. The Ulsters cop it today I believe. They hold 72, Knife Edge, M.G., 7 Camp picquet and Khaisora crossing. They had a draft coming out from Palestine. Well, just opposite 71 or so, fire was opened on the lorries and on the two sections of M.G.  Five men and one British officer were wounded, but it just shows that these chaps can think up a scheme of some sort. Fired at from Tambre Obo ridges too, which I have picquetted many a time.


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