June 5th 1939 – Razani

Tony Ward rolls into my room the other day. He is up from the Devon’s in Murree to be vetted by the 1/8gr. We have a few beers in the club with Nelson and Mickey Wardle. He says Macpherson has gone mad and is now in a loony bin. I see a very nice trip for £37. “P.O.” 2nd class, Bombay, Colombo, Penang, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kobe, and 10 days in Yokohama. Bombay to Bombay in just under 2 months.

The C.O. turned up to inspect the draft the other day with his topee on back to front, and then capped it all by asking a man “why’s your flask on the wrong side?”. Then there was the one about Cpl Bunell in Ragani, who went up to Reggie Cox and said, “The manager of the Tocky Scouts is here to see you, Sir.” The Gunners gave a pretty wild party on Saturday evening. Many were pierced with darts, hit with billiard balls, and Major Marsden C.O. 3/10 was pitched through the window inside.

Withington looked a bit battered with his arm in a sling. He tried to jump a sofa I believe but couldn’t see it.


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