June 12th 1939 – Razani

David Carey’s platoon gets shot up on Dun on R.P. on the 10th. His forward right hand section is withdrawing from their sangars and receive a volley from that wooded spar about 40′ away across the nullah on the right of the Khassadar Hut. One man is killed, having been hit about six or seven times. Two others are wounded, (Farry M.M.) one receives a couple but manages to get down and fire his rifle. He claims to have got off five rounds and shot a man whom he saw exposed above his cover to fire. He then was hit again, and has his right arm broken in two places, and one in this arse. Before the shooting the Khassadars reported 48 enemy in sight behind Dun.

Lindsey-Young sent up a couple of platoons onto Das, but they had been withdrawn by the time Dun got the R.T.R. I am in 7101 and see a lot of suspicious movement round the Khassadar flag piquet from Dun. In the end a shell lands a few hundred years below them, which shakes them a bit.


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