July 4th 1939 – Razani

Had lunch in the medical mess on Sunday, at Dunkerton’s invitation. A few beers first in the club, and then we adjourn, Donald as well, at about 2:15. It is just like a breath of bonnie Scotland again and I find Valentine lives in Edinburgh. We then go on to billiards and more beer, and at 4pm I take my leave and go and play soccer. The rest stay until 5pm and later we foregather on the skating rink, even Major James, G.E, as well, for ice hockey.

I take the Higher Urdu yesterday and pass the oral. The second lad in, brought out his paper and handed it round, but I was inside and so missed this bit of “straight from the horses mouth.” The Munshi forecasts I have passed the written as well, I hope so. A letter from Niven 2/13 that C.O. says I should go down and visit them in Madras, as it would then be better for all concerned. The C.O. here sends me off to work out the cost, which, with a warrant and bearer, is Rs150, excluding 5 days food. Total for journey I suppose about Rs300, a bit much I think.

Lindsey Young then pens a letter to Ellin of 5/13, presumably to ask what it’s all about. I personally think that someone else has applied, with strong claims, and they want to have a look at me to see who is the better man. That sounds like ‘fall out Dunford Wood.’ R.P. tomorrow and today, which they have shot up recently. Still I am unlucky in these affairs and I shouldn’t even hear a bullet in the air, I bet.


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