July 7th 1939 – Razani

R.P. the other day and today. I win my bet, but it is a very tricky place to hold, and the Khassadars seemed unusually unfriendly. Two shots are fired form somewhere unseen within 300′ of me, and go whistling over the heads of the rearguard down on the road. I can’t do anything about that though. 48 camels stolen in broad daylight from outside Mirali. I see they have been offered back, ‘on payment.’ A chit from Bde comes round saying a great bomb outrage is expected in the Razmak-Banmi road, on the lines of Shahur Tanji I suppose.

I attend an Indian Court Martial yesterday, and find I can understand all the interpreting. It is at the 2/7 school, and they give us lunch afterwards there. I then return and have first Pashto hour with old Keroz Khan. Also go to sergeants mess to watch coy billiards with RIASC. Have a few beers and damn good show, in bed by midnight. Letter from Ma and Uncle George, enclosing Rs30  for 21st. Ma with messages form Alec and Johnny Graham etc to “Mr Colin, away among those heathens.”


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