July 18th 1939 – Razani

A nice bit of shooting yesterday. 7022, Oak, 7021 opposite, and Nik on Das has a bit of shooting too. He does not hold the forward edge. I sit up on left Narai Serai. Suddenly a couple of shots ring out, from a ridge about 300′ away. One NCO says he sees a man raise himself over the sangar to fire, and that the bullet hits the wall just in front of him. Well, two VBs and MGs open up on this sangar and neighbouring ones and the most glorious waste of ammunition takes place. Now they start up the other side, below Alexandria picquet, and the Ulsters can be heard having a battle further down the road. Much ado about nothing!

It rains like hell on the way back, a sort of hail, and lucky I have a groundsheet. I pass three reasonable looking Pathan women. I am shown my report on the attachment and its not too bad. I am retiring and inclined to be offhand at first sight, as it were, but apart from that I have the official favour, and “a good knowledge of frontier tactics”.


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