August 7th 1939 – Razani

The 5/11 went out at 12pm the other night and lay up round Green Dome and Bare Patch. Then 3 Bn Brigade went out the next morning but no one was caught. One British other ranks shot in the stomach out on R.P., not a pleasant wound I believe. The Sgts came into the Mess for tea and tennis at 5pm. After tea comes beer and they left at 8.45 after much darts and billiards. A ‘tippet’ school started but the RSM breaks it up by saying its time to push off. R.P. at Dun tomorrow.

A good cartoon in C&M – an armoured car on a broken bridge, signed ‘To Waziristan’, with its nose in the river, and the tank wallah sitting on the roof with his head in his hands and a cigarette dangling from his lips. A lot of wild-looking tribesmen are rushing down to get him, firing their rifles in the air and waving swords. He says “And they call this peaceful penetration”.


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