August 15th 1939 – Razani

Had an inter-Coy football game on Sunderland ground today. Some time before halftime, the bullets started to come over, about half a dozen I should think, and a few landed on the pitch. We all ran like bloody cheetahs and got off with no casualties. No 2 post V.B. opened up on a sangar on Horseshoe ridge, where they were supposed to be. The whole Bde is going out tonight. Three Bns at 24h00 to surround the villages opposite Dun, on the other side of the road. Mir Khan Khel and Spanam Khel. Anyone out of doors to be treated as enemy. We go out at 02h00 and piquet up to Toady to cover the troops coming home. I have Toady and need to get up at 01h15.


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