August 18th 1939 – Razani

Road open today and the 6-inchers open up from camp during lunchtime. At least everyone says they are 6 inch. Had a meeting on the Roller Skating Hockey last night, down in the rink, and I hope to get the show starting sometime next week. The Intelligence Reports say that Toady was continually shot up on 16th. The first I knew of it. Had arranged to continue that football today, which was broken up by snipers on 15th, but the troops refuse to play, blast their cowardly souls. Still, it’s just as well to give it a rest I suppose. Lt Col May had powder marks on his body and had been shot with a shotgun. A log was placed across the road, but he must have had his revolver unloaded, or under the seat I think, or he would not have been shot at such close range.

Mickey Wardle came off 7101 too soon the other day owing to the signallers mistake. Mac, of course, says “When the signaller said to you RTR, did you ask him ‘Did HQ say to you No 7 piquet RTR?’” Like hell he did! Mac has never been up a piquet, the bloody fool. God help the Coy on a column with him as OC.


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