August 30th 1939 – Razani

Did advance guard to Crocus the other day. Nick on Pink Hills observed three men come out of a house and sit sunning themselves. He immediately opened up with his V.B., under the “Proscription Act”, and saw one fall, which pleased him greatly. I was nearby, with Mickey, and whilst on Crocus, in the rain, we saw some chaps on the road about 1200′ back who were coming out of a village. Also a man and a woman walked across Nullah piquet. We discuss whether to open up or not. I maintain that the road is closed behind us, and that therefore we have no excuse to murder them.

Eventually Wardle compromises by taking a shot with a rifle at the woman on Nullah at about 900′ and missing her. The adjutant later says that my opinion was correct, but that if they are observed armed, then by all means open fire. Mickey, Pat Burder and myself bought a bottle of whiskey and went down to call on Walshe in hospital. Nick and Godfrey Pearse then arrived with another bottle and we had a party. I had four stengahs and found that that was quite sufficient – “One more and I die”.

Intelligence reports says that Ipi has gone into conference and intends to make big trouble in 10 or 15 days time (about sept 5th). I hope so, as I have got the job of A.P.M. in this month’s Razcol, through knowing Urdu, and Burder, a Company commander. A letter from Bill, on two months leave at home, and Daphne.


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