September 5th 1939 – Razani

Came back from football about 4.30pm on Sunday and we could just hear Chamberlain saying that a state of war existed with Germany. This was on Ian Mitchell’s wireless and we had to put our heads almost up to the machine to hear. Went into the Sergeants Mess at about 10pm – Jack Greasly, Jackson, Burder, Miller, Wardle and self. Pat Miller had to be taken back at about 10.15pm, being too full of champagne which he had sunk at dinner. Mickey took him, and apart from falling in a drain on the way, he arrived safely. Pat Burder very drunk and slurring his words. The RSM in great form and made a speech or two as did everyone else. I rendered “a portly Roman Senator” which shook some of them.

Yesterday was the 2/7 shield hanging party. I had a beer or two and some lime juice and then left the Club at about 9pm, as was feeling a bit weak in the legs after football and the night before in the Sergeants Mess.

Mickey Wardle was brought home about 11pm, having passed out cold when he got outside the Club. His door was shut so Clive Pearson 1/12 broke through his flyprrof window to open up. he then woke up in the morning feeling on top of his form but with a bed full of sickness beside him. What a lad!

News yesterday morning of “Athenia” being torpedoed off Scotland. In about two hours the rumour was round it had been torpedoed with the Royal Scots on board. Never understood how it got like that!


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