September 11th 1939 – Razani

Postings are out and I have the 2/13. The awards also received for Bodhari Sar show. Walshe an M.C. Sgt Blake a DSM – he lead search parties out several times looking for the bodies, and L/Cpl Rawson an M.M. He is a machine-gunner but I don’t quite know what he did. These are immediate awards, and others may have been sent home and recommended.

Got shot up on the range for the first time in this “war”. I had been scoring in butts, and was returning along the Maidan outside Coolie Camp when a dushman up between Bump and Bakhshi opened up. He had the range too long, and they sang over our heads well out of reach. I was due to bring down the covering troops and am halfway through this operation, when of course Mac needs to get out of bed and do it himself, damn it.

A mixed platoon of “D” Company is on R.P. tomorrow, commanded by Burder. I go to the Adjutant and say that it is my platoon and what a disgrace the whole show is. He says yes, and you command it. So I have wangled a last R.P. tomorrow, and here’s hoping, though as Ossy is commanding the detachment I doubt they will allow us anywhere dangerous if it can be helped.

Holly tomorrow, the only piquet I have never been up, so that means a peaceful day, as nothing can ever happen up there.


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