October 18th 1939 – Madras

The Wilts came to a guest night last Saturday. Met one Jos Redman, who seemed to get a bit pissed towards the end. After dinner the bloods played ‘Crown and Anchor’ which I got from Spencer’s – seemed to go down very well. Next day went out shooting with Niven. Not too good as I got to bed after the guest night at 2 and up again at 5am. Missed a partridge right overhead, God knows why, except that the gun does not fit. We also saw and walked up to about eight of what the shikhari called prairie snipe (Golden plover) – got off too two shots and missed them as well. I get rather depressed sometimes over this war, after having read the papers, but I’m damned if I see how I am to get near it – let alone to France. God help me if we go to Wana, as we will be forgotten there, so God help us again.


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