October 31st 1939 – Madras

Were beaten in the above match 1-2 – that night Jerry Beale, John and I went to the cinema and then to the Connemara. We got in without paying Rs 2/-  and had a few drinks and sat in observation. Doreen Hope, Lady, was there, she’s known locally as the Red Streak. But very nice all the same despite her imbecile look. On Sunday went to Elliot’s Beach for swimming, and extremely pleasant it was, and we went out on a catamaran and tried to shoot the surf coming back. But not very successful, as the man would not keep the catamaran straight. No sunset that day. The monsoon has now broken and there is plenty of rain. The trouble here is bullock carts. They travel down the road at night in front of the bungalow, and their greaseless axles make a hideous noise, which wakes me up in the early morning. Then these Madrasis will shout when talking to a friend six feet away.

Went out after snipe with Niven yesterday afternoon, on the Poonamallee road. I missed a couple, he missed a few and killed one. There were quite a few about though, and it rained during the shoot, and I felt that I might be in Aberdeenshire.


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