November 5th 1939 – Madras

Some more shooting in the same spot – Ray and I and Nizam. Nizam killed and halaled a couple, rather like a good retriever. I fail to break my duck of course. I go down yachting with the Colonel.  “Thistle” is Tomtit class, 18ft long, Bermuda rig and centreboard. I am instructed in putting about and in jibing, round and about the harbour. The famous ‘Pansy’ is there, looking rather like the minesweeper she was during the last war. Beer follows, and I apply to join the club. Met one Dunn, of Wilts – went down yesterday and was more successful, though there was a bit of a wind blowing. In returning to our moorings the Colonel brought her up, the paid hand pulling on the topping lift, and then I think I still had the main sheet, and he nearly went overboard. She listed right over, and the Colonel and I were just about to scramble onto the keel when she came up again. Went to RAF hanger dance last night – not much good as I didn’t know anyone so I left at 11.30 and returned to bed.


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