November 10th 1939 – Madras

An awful rainy day yesterday – John and I went to the flicks at 6pm and Connemara afterwards, where I was introduced to a “Highball”. A woman came in with another couple, whom we know as the ‘S’ bend, as that’s how she looks when she’s dancing – she observed our observation of her and eventually sent over Bannerji to ask if either of us would dance – John had one, I attempted one, in spite of the old man ‘thumbing’ me away. Eventually John goes over for another dance and the old man does some more ‘thumbing’ and tells him to go back to his kennel. After a bit of an argument the old man apologises, and asks John to go to dinner – I join them and get invited too. His name is Tingle of the Asbestos Cement company, and his wife thinks she is a bit of a vamp. She;s a bit of a load to dance with as she clings from the belly downwards, which I always find impedes forward movement.


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