November 13th 1939 – Madras

I see in the “Statesman” that Razcol were in the Shaktu in October and had 2 killed and 11 wounded – also an R.P. piquet was shot up on November 2nd and one killed with 4 wounded.

Yesterday went shooting with Ray and got six snipe – he got seven. During one drive they were coming straight at me but I couldn’t shoot them there as all the beaters were looking down the other end of my gun. I pretended to be a blade of grass and shot them overhead. Result was horrid, I only got one. I let off about 12 rounds rapidly, and couldn’t load fast enough. Came back and the band was playing in the mess. I had invited the Spocket out, being the only girl I know in Madras, but I met one Mrs Hughes, and Australian.

Some days ago I went up to the Aerodrome and signed on for some flying – Tyndall-Briscoe, the instructor, gave me some ground instruction and yesterday up I went for 20 mins dual, the first time in my life in the air, bar 5/- worth at Yeadon aerodrome some years ago. Went up to about 1000′ and I took her over for a bit, and got a bit lost up there. Diving, climbing and steep turns seem rather to detach the pit of my stomach and I take it off too early, though I hope to god I will get out of that soon. I feel just like a chota peg when I come down, but I managed with a cigarette instead.

I can’t do any more dual until the medical form is filled in, and the damn man Hubbard won’t do it until tomorrow. They also want a little bit in advance, the sharks.

I see that Gilbert R.A. got an MC for services in 1936-37, and Payne 2/7 and Doc Murray were mentioned for good work. Wrote to Mickey Wardle to see if there’s a medal yet, but don’t expect an answer. No vacancy for me at Sangar and Retention exam suspended for the duration, so I have no ‘homework’ to do.


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