November 21st 1939 – Madras

Went up for two 20 minute shifts on Sunday – climbing and gliding turns and then T.B. went up to 2000′ and shook me about. I could take a climb and roll alright, but a spin rather caught me in the eardrums. Today did a bit of landing and taking off. There was a sufficient wind blowing to stall her at half throttle. There’s plenty of water about on the ground, so if I ever get her up solo I’m going out to look at the sea.

Three BORs killed and 11 wounded withdrawing from a picquet at Razmak on R.P., so says the Statesman.

This flying costs 30/- an hour dual and I have now got in 1.5 hours – I feel happy in the air, only I can’t land and take off yet, being unable to estimate height and gliding distance. A letter from Bill the other day. He is back in Palestine, and got his truck blown up by a mine not so long ago.


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