December 16th 1939 – Uttapanayskanna

Went into Madura and played football there, where we defeated the local champions 5-4. After that the secretary and D.S.P., one whose name in Tamil means ‘God Help Us’, took John and I to the station waiting room and got us pretty tight before dispatching us back in the lorry with the team. That morning I had gone out at 2.30am on a night scheme, but got back in bed by 8am until 12 midday, and didn’t manage to football too badly after that.

The Bn did a 21 mile march the other day – I wear bots the first time in camp and collect a fine crop of blisters. We do a flag march to Madura on 21st, so God help me if my feet aren’t OK as its all of 30 miles, and parade through the town afterwards. Willie Armstrong arrived today from Staff College. The Illustrated papers out from home, and God how it pulls to read about this war. Off to Madura today.


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