December 28th 1939 – Madras

A party of 14 in Connemara (25th) – British officers and two wives (Abbots and Rays) – pretty awful party, although Freeland got a bit foxed. However, later on some drunks from the B.I. line, ships officers, arrived and seemed to collect around Abbott. One said to him “Where do I get a good …”. He pointed to his wife Rosemary and said “Over there”. The chappie lurched over to Rosemary and said “Are ye on?”. They all had fearful Glasgow accents, and Abbotts wife was furious, though he thought it rather funny. Willie and I, John and Pat Irwin went on to the Gymkhana afterwards.

Willie and I shouldn’t have gone, as John wanted to get on and do some necking. Then two lads off the “Silver U” arrived, a 3rd mate and an electrician. They were just 72 days out from New York across the Atlantic and Indian Ocean and hadn’t seen a woman all that time. I took the wind out of their sails by telling them of 10 months in Waziristan and never saw one.

Got to bed at 5am, and flying cleared my head at 9.30. Went sailing with Willie and Abbott, doing flying and sailing the same day, which I wanted to do. Yesterday John and I were invited to an early night do in Connemara by May Green, one of the Horrors. Her husband, John’s hairdresser friend, and Lt Hart R.I.N. were present. Later (less husband) we went to the Gymn Club, where I nearly got tight, having drunk whisky in Connemara, as they started on champagne and then brandies came round. Had a very good 1.5 hours flying this morning, only its a little bumpy.


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