December 31st 1939 – Madras

Flying and sailing, and the other day Willie landed me on the ‘Kallerati’ (Calamity – her sister ship Deepuali being the ‘Depravity’). Had tea with one  Sweet-Escott R.I.N.V.R. Sub. He showed me over the works and then Hart and the hairdresser Rene arrived, just as I went ashore.

Last night John and I went to the cinema and on from there to the Connemara. There John encountered Mr and Mrs Gordon (railways) and we spent the evening and night with them. Left Connemara at 12 and went to Gymnkhana, where a fancy dress dance was in progress, with lots of drunks. Bed by 3.30am – a few drinks in Gymnkhana, and then I did some useful elbow work and seized the Connemara cabaret star, much to the disgust and envy of those around and about. Forgot to ask her if she was married! Gordon has done 150 hours solo, and took 17 hours dual before it, so it doesn’t look like I shall have much chance of going solo for many a month yet. Letters from Bill, Hugh and Peggy and three handkerchiefs from Mrs Robinson.


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  1. Very interesting to learn that he only began flying while in India. I thought he had learned during school or Sandhurst days.

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