January 31st 1940 – Madras

Returned back on the 28th. The intelligence section of the 2nd Frontier Force Rifles came down on the 26th for a scheme on the night of the 27th. This was the General’s test scheme of the Wilts. I umpired Mickey Thomas. Hobo, Adrian Cooke and Tim Money also arrived. Next day the General finished his talk at 3pm. I left at 3.05 and the General at 3.06. Met Cotterill on return, and then Downe arrived from Lahore to join – he reminds me of Hamilton somewhat. Went flying on Sunday – not much good – also Monday and Tuesday before parade, but I have lost the feel and bog all my landings. I do one solo circuit and try to land about 5 feet above the ground – a hell of a bump.

Went into Madras today and bought 500 .22 cartidges at 3/8 a hundred. Also three “life buoys” @ four annas each. So now hoping for big stuff to come. Am living in Wilts officers quarters as everything else is taken. Feeling bloody minded about this flying, as all a damn waste of time and money, when I could land so well before I went away. I think I leave it too long before ‘flattening out’. Just got Biddy’s photo – I don’t like it at all.


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  1. wondering of course, who Biddy is!

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