February 13th 1940 – Madras

Yesterday Willie and I went out to train for the Ladies Race in the regatta next Monday. I asked Pat Turner, she said she was away but try Ann Maconachie. Ann said she was already booked but try Bang-my-arse, who said she would be seasick, but try Elsie Wadsworth. I have never met her, but ring her up and explain all this. We eventually take her out, and she’s not too bad, Willie managing the mainsheet and I manipulating the jib and mast halyards. We have a drink at her house in Nungambankam on the way home, and meet Ma and Pa – also some beautiful Persian carpets. Letter from Pop Jacobs yesterday, enclosing £2.


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One response to “February 13th 1940 – Madras”

  1. “Ann said she was already booked but try Bang-my-arse . . .” “Bang-my-arse”? I wonder if that was Ann’s name for the girl in question or his. Or could it have been a nickname? I suppose we will never know.

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