February 28th 1940 – Madras

Went up to the Club the other afternoon and found Patterson Morgan and one Kathline Wilson having tea with T-B. I joined the party and then he said go and show us what you can do. I went up to 4300′ and spun to 2000′, then did stall turns very nicely. Most enjoyable it was too. Yesterday went to the station from 7am – 3pm, baggage loading, pretty bloody too. Breakfasted in the restaurant. Went to the Wilts Retreat and drinks afterwards. H.E. there. I had two whiskies and felt bloody. Bathed in Jos’s room then Tony Cotterill and I went to dine with the Maynards and go on with the ADC’s party to Government House afterwards. His Ex. there in the same suit he wore for the Retreat, less coat, as it was a ‘Cool Kit’ party. I became ill and was sick in the lavatory, then departed for bed. “Knees up Mother Brown” done by Douglas ADC, then we all tried our hands at it.

Marjorie back today so I arrange for her to come up to the Connemara early night and then on to the cinema, with a party of about 8. It’s very nice to hear her voice on the telephone again, and I do hope it will be a good party, in spite of my illness. A bit of sleep will soon put that right though.


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