March 17th 1940 – Wana

I hear no Indian Army British Officers are allowed into the RAF. Michael Oliver here in 1/18, a Captain, also Pepe Savignon, Lyall, Arthur Murray, Collins, Taggart and Shaw. I am living in Gunners quarters. A bloody wind just now like the old ‘sting of death’. Reconstruction everywhere here, piles of muck and rubble and it all looks pretty bloody. The Brigade goes in ten days to camp in Karab Kot on 3rd April, which I shall miss unfortunately, as there may be some fun there. Have called on Gunners and Garhwalis (JDW: The Garhwal Rifles was raised in 1887 to give the Garhwali Hillmen their own regiment) and there are plenty more to do.
I buy a camera in the bazaar for 34/-, but haven’t had much opportunity to use it so far. British officers commanding companies can be made acting Captain (to fill Battalion establishment) and if held for 21 days get paid too – but no one in this battalion has anything. The Army instruction is rather vague. It must depend on Freeland. Reading up on gas warfare. Jolly is a great help over this, with his A.R.P. booklets.

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