March 31st 1940 – Pachmarhi

I arrive here on 27th, and as the Mess is not open I stay at the Pachmarhi hotel, very pleasant. This is fairly cool, and a sight for sore eyes after Wana. Rolling ‘downs’, trees and a church spire topping it off make a picture like England. A sweet smell from the trees too. I play alot of tennis in the Club, next door, and swim in the Club pool. A couple called Shipway are in the hotel – IAOC, late 4/8 of Razmak, and knew it well. Strallan’s commandant of this school, with a glamourous daughter called Joan – engaged to Henson of KOSB (Kings Own Scottish Borderers). She’s just adopted make-up on the strength of her engagement, and none too skillful in its application. Pam Shallow is also here, her Pa being Lt Col of AEC School. Went to call on Ted and Pam Ritchie, he being adjutant of this school and an old pal of John’s in the Suffolks.

I move over to my quarters today, the Mess being open and some chaps arrived, though the course doesn’t start until 3rd April. A letter from Hugh and Peggy and one from Marjorie, being pretty affectionate. I spend alot of the time swimming which is good sport, being a natural pool, and no chlorine in it.


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3 responses to “March 31st 1940 – Pachmarhi”

  1. Wonderful discription of my hometown Pachmarhi.I born & brought up here & fond of Pachmarhi history felt great to read it. I am compiling history on Pachmarhi will like to have more . Chanakya

    1. Wonderful on pachmarhi. Being Pachmarhi my home town I thank you. If you have any pictures of your father of Pachmarhi Please put on site.

      1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
        James Dunford Wood

        Hi there – I will certainly look out for some photos. Thanks for commenting! James

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