May 7th 1940 – Srinagar

Fun and Games with the lovely Elaine

We both fall in love with Elaine and take her out every day. We drive into Srinagar some mornings, go to a dance at Nedou’s and the Club and the pictures – something every day. John Palmer and wife up here and we all go to call on them yesterday evening. I saw him in the Club. Met Matthew up here too. Nagin Bagh really is a beautiful place, whether it be wet or fine. It is a curious situation with Elaine. We both go out with her, and I suppose my eyes look to Dudley what his look to me, when looking at her. However I am the junior partner and she prefers him I think. Mother is a colossal snob, despite her place of origin being Putney, and Pa, who is not here, is reputed to be like the Big Bad Wolf. They reckon to go up to Gulmarg in June for three months, and leave Kashmir in September or October.

I haven’t seen Marjorie again – nor do I want to after Elaine. (JDW: oh dear oh dear, poor sweet Marjorie. Dad comes up here, gets her to organise a houseboat for him and his friend Dudley, next to theirs, then buggers off after an indecent interval to a better houseboat on a better lake with a prettier girl. No wonder Pa Buller was suspicious.)

I fall off ‘Butterfly’ yesterday morning and lose my watch in about 5′ of pani (water). I go round the boat, diving, this morning but there is too much mud and I can’t find it. I’ve made a catapult for the local bumboat man.

The thought of leaving Elaine is beginning to hurt somewhat but I think it would be better to go to Assam than to stop here, though if I had the clothing etc I might go for a trek. But then I would probably put my foot in it, like I usually do. I don’t expect I will get the railway warrants in time anyway.

We have another ‘sticky’ tea in the Club at Srinagar, but it’s not such a success as the first one.


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2 responses to “May 7th 1940 – Srinagar”

  1. His grand daughter lives in Putney – how times change!

  2. Also, I wonder what he means by ‘put his foot in it like I usually do’ related to a trek?

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