May 25th 1940

48 hours steady rain. Nothing to do. Yesterday managed to bag a cormorant, ‘Who’re you?’ and parrot with the .22. It seems to shoot high according to the sights, so its all a question of aiming lower by so much and holding her steady. Wrote to Elaine and Joan Strallan. Also to Mowbray Burnett.

The drill here is rise at 8.30 and then stroll around outside before breakfast at 9.30, of all hours. After the 10.15 news I either go out with the Uncle walking round the tea, or by myself with the Colt. Back at about 12 to read the paper and have a drink. After lunch read, write or sleep until tea at 3.30. After that shoot or muck about until beer and news at 7pm – and so to bed. What a life! Forever mucking about is how my life seems to have been spent. Letter from Jobber Benbow, wanting to transfer to 2/13.


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