June 23rd 1940 – Wana

A still greater blow. Reggie says that I shall have to go to the TB (Training battalion) in Abbottabad shortly. This is being expanded, as well as 7/13 and 8/13. That settles the war for me then. Christ! A PAD scheme here. I get the job of AGO and PADO and it is the nearest to the war we have got. Sitting for one and a half hours one night in a stuffy blacked out Battalion office, played poker with Maxwell and lost, and last night he comes down here and Reggie, Cotterill and I sit down on him. We each have 6/- and Cotterill gets 15/- off him.

Of course in Abbottabad I shall remain a 2nd Lt and here the boys will all be acting Captains if not Majors. But what to do? It’s my own fault for ever coming out here. The Mess lawn is nice and green and I have swum a bit but it’s not too pleasant. This time last year I was enjoying running up Dun.


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