July 18th 1940 – Abbottabad

Not a bad journey on the Heatstroke, as the sky was generally overcast and so not too much sun. A bath at Mari Indus and tea with the Suffolk BORs (British other ranks) there. Change at Daud Khel, reached Campbellpore at 2.45am until 8am, then Taxila and rail head at Harechiam. No transport for getting up here. so I have to get a couple of lorries off the RIASC and had to pay 5/- for one. This is rather like Kashmir and there is plenty of rain just now. Dick Shirley (who I met on the ‘City of Venice’) is in the next room, on the same job as me. Met Ray and Peggy Palmer in the Club yesterday. Today a session with the dentist, an extremely comfortable one too, and I send a wire to Ma. It’s a good looking spot, though not for wartime, and Ray tells me I shall have no chance of using the Mauser around here. What a war!


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