July 27th 1940

I now have a car, Triumph 8hp of about ’31 vintage. I went down with Pat Kenny to look at second hand cars and found this, which the experts think is OK. Got down from Rs650 to Rs525 and even then the fellow had a hell of a profit. Kenny did the bargaining, I signed the cheque, having stepped in after Kenny had refused to go higher than Rs500 and Dick Shirley made me pay another Rs20 for three months free service. But I reckon my driving won’t do her any good.

On parade at 6.50 to 9am watching jungly chaps right-turning by numbers, then 10.15 to 11am in the office – baa! and one afternoon a week from 5-7pm, the rest free (unofficially). That is the sum total of my day’s war work. Useful results therefrom acrruing = nil. The 1/8th here from Razmak here, with Walshe, Hall and some others I used to know. I haven’t yet joined the club, and there’s no need to yet. The pool is too dirty for swimming.


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