November 8th 1940

‘Red Hot” Jones got back Monday, so we have done four days flying since then. Circuits and landings and ten minutes solo the last two days. I get in a bit of side slipping for the first time. Jones takes us in a DH60 but he doesn’t wear earphones, and you can’t always understand him. Ground work, theory of flight and we learn to ‘buzz’ up there. We have a go in the “Link” (trainer) too – a beautiful toy. At 1000′ all you can see is desert, with the sea eastwards, not at all a bad sight. Went out fishing on Sunday, with Jones, Bowden and Dudley in a sort of dhow. Out past Manora and I was sick –  caught the only fish, but too ill even to haul it up. It’s easy to sit here and say how nice the sea is, and how I would like to experience a real rough storm, but it’s bloody hell when you get there. (JDW: My father turned into a dedicated sailor and yachtsman in later years).

We go up to aerodrome at 7.30 every day and back at about 1pm. We live in a sort of Ipi hut, with canvas sides and a thatch roof to keep the sun off the canvas. At night I open her up to a decent breeze and sleep with a blanket on. Jock McGrath collects a DFC at home and has his picture in the “Sketch”! The beer tastes nice here, the old Murree!


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