November 13th 1940

Got the landings taped – I had been flattening out too late. Did two hours solo yesterday and today. This morning went out to a village on the creek due east and then climbed to 8000′ – it was damn cold so I came down,doing a bit of side slipping. This evening we go up and I had prepared a trip to Hawk’s Bay. But I have a preliminary chukka and during the landing I seem to be going too damn fast. Well I bounce four times, get my tail up, damage the undercarriage slightly, and take three inches off the airscrew. Jones is not too annoyed, and eventually takes me up in the Tiger and shows me when to use my engine. Though I really knew all along.

Yesterday went to the Boat Club after dinner. Saw P. Bond and talked of this and that. Met one Hayes who succeeded me in ULIA attachment to Leicesters and is now in the Baluchi Training Battalion here. Also MacDowall who is an acting major in 7th GR here. And as conceited as hell. I only talk to him for about ten minutes but I am nearly sick! Damn me for a B.F. this evening!


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