December 1st 1940

Well. “Red Hot” has shown us loops, rolls and half rolls, but apart from loops, the others get worse every time I practise them. I’m flying the Tiger quite a lot but even so these bloody rolls are the bane of my life. The other day Jones produces his Rocket Loop, and bloody well blacks me out for half a second or so. Not my idea of fun at all.

I have now been to Hyderabad solo and dual cross country, and there’s nothing much in it. Interesting the first time there, but that’s all.

A letter from Air H/Q that we leave on January 7th. Well I have about three hours of my solo left to do, the others the same, so Jones has written off to try and get us some more flying. The buzzing is progressing though I send better than I receive it.

Went to visit Mac the other day. Edward Hill is Adjutant. I nearly starve at dinner, but his Indian can feed 500 with a couple of loaves and a fish!

Am slowly getting the mastery of the “Link” (JDW: a series of flight simulators produced from the early ‘30s by Ed Link, based on technology he pioneered in 1929 in New York. These simulators became famous during WW11, when they were used as a key pilot training aid) and we are now dabbling in Lorentz approaches – though what bloody good that will ever be to us I don’t know.

Two letters from Bill, who seems to be working pretty hard, but doesn’t say whether he has been in action yet or not. Reading Compton Mackenzie’s ‘Four Winds of Love’ which makes life seem sort of peaceful.


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