December 24th 1940 – Assam

The Uncle's house in Panbarry, Assam

Assam – Had a pleasant trip up and breakfast on the Bramaputra again. Panbarry (Panbari) much the same, only so hot and much damper. Absence of “Who are you?” birds (JDW: see entry of his previous visit to Assam).

The Winchester is going damn well, as by chance I arrived at a position in the screw peep sight which is dead accurate at about 60-70 yards, aim 6 o’clock inner for under that range, and similar adjustment for longer ranges. Hit a paddy bird at 150-200’ and also shot a vulture through the neck and down he came. Was inveigled into playing golf with the Ashleys and saw Peter Allan at the Moriane Club – he remembered about my eyes, the old devil. The doves make a pleasant noise and in fact I should like to live here – but then of course I wouldn’t.


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