January 22nd 1941 – at sea

SS "Barpeta" – my home for the past few days

Spent a day in Bushire in a gale and fog, waiting for the dhows to come off. Eventually cleared and they came out. The Americans gave a party last night and we all go into a cabin – 12 of us. Allan plays his accordion and we all sing, though only with difficulty do we find a song that both “sides” know. It’s just like being at the films to listen to these boys.

Went ashore today at Kuwait – an exceedingly clean bazaar, streets swept, very few flies. Almost a free port, only 5% duty. All the inhabitants have queer puckered eyes, as though all afflicted. We see a plane, so hop in a taxi and say “Aeroplane”. We find her landed in the desert, a ‘Vincent’, and I talk to the pilot, one Geary from Shaibah. We tell him we have been seconded from the army, and he says “Oh yes, airgunners.” Airgunners!


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  1. The Vincent made by Vickers was the RAF’s C17 of those days. Based in Eygpt these canvas wings biplane open cockpit transports probably only managed around 100 mph less if strong head wind. Amazing to think that the DC3, DC4 and Constellationswere operated by USA airlines at the time, all metal monoplanes, retractable under carts the lot and twicw as fast.

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