February 12th 1941

The other day I went up in the clouds and was shown climbing and steep turns. Then up for 1.10 in an Audax to practice. Rain wet the aerodrome, and Harts can’t even use the runaways (JDW: curious that these were referred to as runaways not runways in 1941 – not a spelling error, as the word occurs several times), as water gets into the brakes and makes them U/S.

Got up today with Garner and I couldn’t do climbing and steep turns, and then forgot to circle round before spinning. Why have I become such a B.F.? Did a bit of Duty Pilot, and drew 100 dinars today advance of some pay or other. Have started learning arabic, the colloquial variety, and will have third lesson today I hope. I am introduced to Monopoly.

Nearly 3 1/2 months in RAF by god. How much more? Whisky 14 fils a peg.


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