April 21st 1941

Camera obscura and wind finding in Oxfords. Then the other night Ling says something about “Dunford Wood my ace operational pilot”. I say “eh?” and then discover he didn’t know I was in the Oxfords.

So today I go back to B flight and do message picking up, with White as my first passenger. My flying is shocking since it’s a month since I last flew solo, and I can hardly see the message poles. I miss first time and second time break a pole; then it’s time for breakfast. Irwin, Wall, Fairweather and Humphries (who went and married Mary Simpson in Karachi) arrive. They wear uniform all day in India now, apparently.

Troops arrive from India at Basra. The King’s Own came in Atlantas, B.T.s (with Dudley Withers) and Douglases. Also 2/8 GR with Mick Mackenzie and now, some say, 1/13 from Quetta.


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