May 12th 1941

115 degrees yesterday, and was it hot in our tent. I go out on a bombing raid to Musaib, where there is an arms factory, but fail to hit anything. Then this morning a two hour patrol from 4.15 with Tiny (Irwin) to Falluja, El Musaib, Najara and round the back of the Lake to Ramadi. There I attempt to drop a stick of bombs on some barges, but am bloody useless at dive bombing.

Alan and I do Pete and Ian’s things the other day, (JDW: Gillespy and Pringle, killed in the first days of the battle) packing them up etc, and a more depressing job I never had. We sort of give them each a dressing gown (no idea who’s is who’s) and share out the shoes evenly. I collect all Pete’s bills and give them to the adjutant who will have some fun sorting them out.

Rashid Ali still in Baghdad (not fled to Turkey as reported on the BBC), and a Heinkel was seen today at Hinaidi whilst they were bombing it. I should think my time will soon be up, unless I can keep up this deception. However, Quien Sabe!

I forget all my Arabic by now. Nigel Gribbon in hospital with a nice bullet in his leg. (JDW: nice, as far as my father is concerned, in that it’s his ticket home).


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